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Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Transfer
Visit HostMonster $3.95/mo

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Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
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Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer
Visit FastDomain $3.95/mo

HostMonster Review – A General Hosting Feature

Just like its sister company (BlueHost), HostMonster has been providing valuable web hosting services and features to webmasters for nearly two decades. The company’s web hosting clients include individuals and business owners. HostMonster’s sole target is affordable web host without compromising the quality of service. The cost of web hosting with Hostmonster even gets further lower with the HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month.

HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month enables any webmaster to leverage tons of top-notch and unlimited web hosting features without paying the full price. While the promo discount lasts, you can simply click on the promo link from the webpage bearing the link and you will be directed to Hostmonster official website where the discount would be applied.

Here are some HostMonster’s Unlimited and Free Web Hosting Features

Unlimited Web Hosting Space

Before now, there are several limited hosting services offered by HostMonster. For instance, when it comes to add-on domains feature prior to this time, only 5 was allowed on a single hosting account, while the storage space was around 300GB for each 3,000 GB bandwidth. However, since this hosting company is dedicated to constant service upgrading, you can now host multiple domains on one hosting account due to unlimited web hosting space.

Consequently, if you are availing the company’s 50% discount to purchase their hosting plan, you will enjoy the unlimited disk storage feature, which means unlimited files storage, including multiple domains hosting just from a single account. If you are involved in e-commerce, there would be no need to worry about space for your online marketing materials such as catalogs, video ads as well as tutorials. There is no storage space limit when leveraging HostMonster unlimited storage space feature.

Unlimited Domains

Hosting any number of domains has become possible with HostMonster’s unlimited Domains feature. You can take advantage of the half-price discount promo to enjoy this and other unlimited features from the company.

Unlimited Domains from HostMonster comes with the following benefits among others;

  • Cost saving; just imagine for a moment what it would have cost you to host up to seven domains in different web hosting platforms? Of course you will pay tons of dollars. For ardent online marketers who run tons of websites for their online money generation, this is definitely a huge saving. You can now host your multiple websites on a single hosting account without incurring extra cost.
  • Effective management; it is easier to manage multiple domains from one hosting account. Unfortunately, not too many web hosts offer unlimited domains hosting, so you have to go through untold hassles trying to track your domains on different hosting platforms. But, with HostMonster’s unlimited domains feature, you can manage as many domains as possible from a single hosting account at no extra cost.
  • Higher-version Cpanel; management of several domains from a single account is made possible with sophisticated control panel offered by HostMonster. So, updating your add-ons and renewing your certificates becomes so easy regardless of the number of domains involved.

Unlimited Sub-Domains

One of the widely sought after applications on the web today is the HostMonster’s unlimited sub-domains feature. This feature has become online marketer’s favorite since it is relevant to vast array of business models. Today, blogging has become one of the major forms of online business advertising, plus income generation. Consequently, online marketers are intensively using unlimited sub-domains from HostMonster and other reliable hosting providers to blog effectively.

Unlimited Sub-domains for blogging: if your purpose is to run a blog related to your major website, unlimited sub-domains feature will benefit you significantly. It is easier to classify all your website’s entries into categories using sub-domains. As a result, your site visitors can easily go to the category of their choice and explore the info with ease. Here’s an example; if your online business is centered on cosmetic surgery services and you have set up a blog site relevant to your primary website, you can group your cosmetic surgery services into various categories such as Boob Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and more. This can only be possible with the help of the sub-domains feature.

So, it doesn’t matter how many sub-categories you want to group your central theme, you have unlimited sub-domains feature from HostMonster to support all of them.

Unlimited Add-on Domains

Any webmaster can also enjoy Hostmonster’s unlimited Add-On Domains with Hostmonster $3.95 promo discount. When running an online site, there are several times when add-on domains feature becomes extremely helpful. However, there are not many web hosts who do not offer this feature. And, for some of the web hosts who offer this feature, you may be required to pay additional fee for the feature.

Unlimited add-on domains from Hostmonster imply that you can have access to multiple add-on domains if you are operating a pro plan. You would not leverage this essential feature for an additional cost. The domains you incorporate onto your main hosting account are simply known as add-on domains. The feature comes with sub-directory that would enable you add separate databases solely for the sub-directory. You can also add your files and other contents to your sub-directory’s databases.

Watch out for more web hosting features by Hostmonster in the next post.